Tax Advice, Legal & Business Consultancy

Tax advice requires evaluations focused on the single needs and issues related to the type of business involved, putting in relation different tax laws, in particular national and international legislation, accounting regulations, EU directives, etc.

Our team of professionals – tax advisors and accountants – allows us to stand out from the crowd as we are able to produce a feasibility study right at the first meeting, therefore not onbly providing general information or a simple quotation. We allow you to optimise your project right from the start, guiding you towards decisions that will have better financial, tax and commercial implications not only for the company, but also its shareholders.

Tax advice is addressed to:

  • Individuals having residence for tax purposes in Slovenia or abroad
  • Slovenian or foreign individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Small, medium and large companies
  • Any type of legal entities

Our tax advisors are continually updated on the changes in the complex tax regulations. Thanks to an all-encompassing multifaceted approach, not only are they able to cut your responsibilities to a minimum, but – having a personal relationship with each single client – they represent interlocutors who know well each single enterprise and the features of each business, aside from being professionals in the field of accounting and tax solutions.

Along with a feasibility study, our professionals also offer preventive tax reviews that include systematic supervision on the business in terms of tax obligations.

A preventive tax review includes:

  • preventive review of the documentation concerning the compliance with tax obligations
  • written report on the check carried out
  • proposed solutions to deal with incompliance or omissions, so as to reduce tax-related risks for the company
  • verbal account to company managers

Types of Consultancy:

General Consultancy

Feasibility assessment of the project and presentation of the possibilities for realization

Thorough Consultancy

Evaluation and analysis of the project from the legal, tax, commercial banking and corporate point of view

Specialised Consultancy

Strategic assessment, presenting tailored financial, marketing and business inteligence solutions