The accounting service may be straightforward but also very complex. Our accountants work in compliance with Slovenian and international accounting standards, mainly addressing topical issues for small, medium and large enterprises.

The professional accounting service includes:
  • keeping records of invoices issued and received, and management of documents
  • management of the ledger
  • analytical evidence of the account book, evidence of open items
  • calculation of value added tax (VAT)
  • calculation of excise duty
  • INTRA declarations
  • VAT declarations and recovery
  • management of tax evidence
  • list, amortisation and revaluation of basic assets
  • end-of-year financial report
  • interim financial reports
  • consolidated financial reports
  • cash administration
  • salary calculations and payroll management
  • calculation of travel expenses and reimbursements
  • calculation of contributions for taxpayers
  • calculations based on employment and copyright agreements
  • reports for the Bank of Slovenia (SN, SKV, C…)
  • statistical bulletin of financial accounts
  • payment processing
  • calculation of interest
  • tax benefits (for individuals and legal entities)
  • documentation to obtain bank loans
  • etc.
Our accounting service also includes the handling of administrative tasks at the headquarters of the company, namely:
  • collection of mail
  • translation, scanning and filing of documents
  • draft documents
  • etc.
Thus, the accountants and the tax advisors who are part of the SBC group can provide a service allowing our clients to focus entirely on their business, because this is a one-stop source offering vital solutions to their companies, and they will no longer have to deal with issues such as:
  • corporate tax
  • income tax
  • value added tax
  • international tax regulations
  • tax on property of unknown origin or unexpected income
  • taxes on inheritance and donations
  • property tax
  • tax on insurance transactions
  • tax on financial services
  • tax on motor vehicles
  • tax on ships
  • tax on gambling winnings
  • compensation of the use of building land
Our accounting and tax advice service constantly attend to our clients, providing all-encompassing assistance for:
  • representation in tax procedures and assistance during tax inspections
  • preventive tax audits and preliminary calculations
  • advice on the tax aspects of the transactions planned
  • estimates on tax returns (tax planning)
  • preparation, participation and attendance at meetings with the tax authorities
  • preparation of transfer pricing appraisals – “transfer prices”
  • tax returns for residents and non-residents
  • advice on international transactions; legislation, regulations, directives
  • partnership with foreign institutions (banks, financial offices, etc.)
  • assistance in the application for tax residence in Slovenia