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What we do:

We offer comprehensive consultancy services to those who intend to transfer their place of residence to Europe (Slovenia) or want to start up a business in Slovenia (Europe), whereby it is possible to work in Europe and abroad. We take care of all matters related to the establishment of a company in Slovenia . and are at your disposal to provide services to companies, and natural persons alike. Thanks to our experience on the European and Slovenian markets, we are able to offer our professional support.
Registered residency in the EU, work permits, Limited Liability Companies and real estate in Slovenia. Call us at (0039) 0481 190 61 87

The Slovenia Business Consulting Group offers comprehensive business solutions to enable you to operate on the international market…

Why choose Slovenia?

  • 17%  flat tax on profits for Limited Liability Companies
  • 100% deductible company costs
  • Strategic geographical position (EU)
  • Possibility to buy property all across Europe
  • Territory, Slavic language and culture
  • With a Slovenian-based business you can work across the entire European Union without VAT
  • Minor costs for company vehicle registration
  • Tax relief for equipment purchases
  • Low labour costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Very low country risk
  • Free flow of people and goods within the Schengen area

Domicile and property in Slovenia

To establish a company in Slovenia a registered office is required, being the “domicile”. We will find one for You. Do you need to buy or rent a house, a plant, an office or a warehouse in Slovenia? We will find the right place for You!

Business expansion and market research

We can look for new business partners and select them for You. We can assess the real interests of other companies located in Slovenia, in the Balkans and in Eastern Europe to cooperate with Your company.

Slovenian Government and EU funding

We can apply for government and EU funding for Your company; preparing all required documents, including the Marketing Plan. Moreover, we can arrange for professional advice from our EU funding expert, upon request.

Work permits and registered place of residence in Slovenia

With a company based in Slovenia, you can work all across Europe and you don’t have to worry about work permits: we will take care of them. We offer a complete service, from A to Z taking care of all forms and attachments required to establish Your residency, including tax residency in Slovenia (EU), as well as required work permits.

All-round legal advice

Our team of professionals is here to provide you with individual legal advice. A lawyer will assess the feasibility of Your business with a Slovenian Ltd liability company, finding tailored solutions for Your business activity. We offer comprehensive advice for the transfer of your registered place of residence to Slovenia (EU) and for work permits.  The best Slovenian lawyers at Your service.

Accounting and Tax Advice

We offer a book-keeping service provided by the best tax consultants operating on the Slovenian market. An administrative service for Your business is also available upon request.

Why us?

  • 20 years of experience in the field
  • The best tax consultants and lawyers
  • Clear and swift services
  • Languages (ENG, RUS, ITA, SLO)
  • A complete service package


Telephone (ITA):
0039 0481 190 6187

Telephone (SLO):
00386 41 242 033


Please note

This website has been created for advertisement purposes. Therefore, it does not contain a full description of all the services provided by Slovenia Business Consulting Group. In addition to all the services illustrated in this web page, we provide solutions for all types of business ideas.